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LabCorp Locations
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LabCorp Locations - Nevada

Most LabCorp locations offer Routine Clinical Laboratory Collections, Pediatric testing, Occupational Urine Drug Screens Collections, and H. Pylori Breath Testing. Each LabCorp location will have it's own list of tests available, and will operate during specific hours. LabCorp didn't make appointments in the past, but currently allow appointments to be made online through their website for your local lab.

Check the list below to find LabCorp locations in Nevada.

Carson City Labcorp Location
3246 No. Carson St 105
Carson City, Nevada
USA, 89706

Incline Village Labcorp Location
889 Alder Ave Ste 103
Incline Village, Nevada
USA, 89451

Minden Labcorp Location
1625 State Route 88 Ste 102
Minden, Nevada
USA, 89423

Reno Labcorp Location
15 Mccabe Dr Ste 103
Reno, Nevada
USA, 89511

Reno Labcorp Location
7111 S Virginia St Ste 19a
Reno, Nevada
USA, 89511

Reno Labcorp Location
601 Sierra Rose Dr 103
Reno, Nevada
USA, 89511

Reno Labcorp Location
890 Mill St Ste 105
Reno, Nevada
USA, 89502

Reno Labcorp Location
236 W 6th St
Reno, Nevada
USA, 89503

Reno Labcorp Location
601 Ralston St
Reno, Nevada
USA, 89503

Reno Labcorp Location
1901 Silverada Blvd Ste 14
Reno, Nevada
USA, 89512

Sparks Labcorp Location
1335 Baring Blvd
Sparks, Nevada
USA, 89434

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LabCorp Locations

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