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LabCorp Locations - Kentucky

Most LabCorp locations offer Routine Clinical Laboratory Collections, Pediatric testing, Occupational Urine Drug Screens Collections, and H. Pylori Breath Testing. Each LabCorp location will have it's own list of tests available, and will operate during specific hours. LabCorp didn't make appointments in the past, but currently allow appointments to be made online through their website for your local lab.

Check the list below to find LabCorp locations in Kentucky.

Lexington Labcorp Location
1000 Monarch St Ste 180
Lexington, Kentucky
USA, 40513

Lexington Labcorp Location
1401 Harrodsburg Rd Ste B-195
Lexington, Kentucky
USA, 40504

Lexington Labcorp Location
330 Waller Ave Ste 225
Lexington, Kentucky
USA, 40504

Lexington Labcorp Location
120 N Eagle Creek Dr Ste 260
Lexington, Kentucky
USA, 40509

Louisville Labcorp Location
130 N Evergreen Rd Ste 103
Louisville, Kentucky
USA, 40243

Jeffersontown Labcorp Location
10216 Taylorsville Rd Ste 750
Jeffersontown, Kentucky
USA, 40299

Louisville Labcorp Location
4130 Dutchmans Ln Ste 102
Louisville, Kentucky
USA, 40207

Louisville Labcorp Location
3901 Dutchmans Ln Ste 106
Louisville, Kentucky
USA, 40207

Bardstown Labcorp Location
703 Mcdowell Blvd Ste 201
Bardstown, Kentucky
USA, 40004

Louisville Labcorp Location
3430 Newburg Rd Ste 110
Louisville, Kentucky
USA, 40218

Shepherdsville Labcorp Location
1905 Hebron Ln Ste 102
Shepherdsville, Kentucky
USA, 40165

Louisville Labcorp Location
1169 Eastern Pkwy Ste G10
Louisville, Kentucky
USA, 40217

Louisville Labcorp Location
310 E Broadway
Louisville, Kentucky
USA, 40202

Louisville Labcorp Location
215 Central Ave Ste 201
Louisville, Kentucky
USA, 40208

Mount Sterling Labcorp Location
250 Foxglove Drive Ste 4
Mount Sterling, Kentucky
USA, 40353

Crestview Hills Labcorp Location
500 Thomas More Pkwy 8
Crestview Hills, Kentucky
USA, 41017

Maysville Labcorp Location
910 Kenton Station Drive
Maysville, Kentucky
USA, 41056

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LabCorp Locations

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