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Elkridge Labcorp Location

8186 Lark Brown Rd Ste 103
Elkridge, Maryland, USA

Phone: 410-799-8100
Fax: 410-799-0069

Type of Service: Routine Clinical Laboratory Collections - Pediatric - H. Pylori Breath Test

Most LabCorp locations offer Routine Clinical Laboratory Collections, Pediatric testing, Occupational Urine Drug Screens Collections, and H. Pylori Breath Testing. Each LabCorp location will have it's own list of tests available, and will operate during specific hours. LabCorp didn't make appointments in the past, but currently allow appointments to be made online through their website for your local lab.

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If you dont have an appt, be preapred to wait for hours!!!!

joann anderson2013-07-16
I was in yesterday and explained that technicians frequently have problem getting my veins because they roll. I do not believe that the technician believed me and thought he could do everything right. Unfortunately, he went thru the vein and it was hurting me. I complained of pain and the question was "do you have a low tolerance for pain?" My answer was no. He went to the other arm and that time it worked, and there is no problem with that one. However, the damaged one is all black at the injection area and getting blacker and the area of darkness if getting bigger.

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