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Indianapolis Labcorp Location

8937 Southpointe Dr Ste B2
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Phone: 317-889-9861
Fax: 317-887-5923

Type of Service: Routine Clinical Laboratory Collections - Pediatric - Occupational Urine Drug Screens Collections*

Most LabCorp locations offer Routine Clinical Laboratory Collections, Pediatric testing, Occupational Urine Drug Screens Collections, and H. Pylori Breath Testing. Each LabCorp location will have it's own list of tests available, and will operate during specific hours. LabCorp didn't make appointments in the past, but currently allow appointments to be made online through their website for your local lab.

* Please note that this site is not affiliated with labcorp and as such they will not receive any comments left here. This area is for posting reviews and comments for other viewers.

today was first time I went to this lab to ahve blood drawn..NEVER AGAIN..the girl at front desk was the most unpleasant, no personality person I have ever talked to..and the one drawing blood was not much better..when they did the blood draw, they said YOUR'RE DONE..and they walked away..no THANK YOU..GOODBYE..even a KISS MY ASS would have been something but they both walk out and that was it..when I walked into the lobby, the one was standing there and never said a word...what a place..for being a custoemr service place, you would think that the employees were alot nicer..one dark hair girl had a med. green scrub on..the other had a white print scrub top on...I will never go there again...sorry

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